About Me

My Name is Stella Huffman.

I am a fourth year visual communications student at The University of South Carolina. Over the past year I feel that I have grown a lot within my major, and more specifically in photography. I took my first photography class last semester and have found a new love for taking pictures.

I have a strong passion for music and music culture. Over the last semester I was able to start incorporating photography within music. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to shoot some live shows, and have already scheduled shows to shoot in 2017. One of my other hobbies that I picked up two years ago is hula hoop dancing. I have found that it is also a fun and interesting target for photographing.

My love for music is shown in the majority of the work that I complete within my major. One day I hope to be working within the music industry doing what I love most. Until then I hope to become more familiar with my camera and gain more confidence in my work this coming semester. I would like to have a good amount of photography take up my final portfolio, so my goal for this semester is to get some good photos to add to my portfolio.


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